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Izabela Boloz & Heijmans


In Kazerne Lab, professional creatives collaborate in cross-over projects with other (economical) sectors to work on products, insights and stimuli for actual issues.
Life in the city is often very focused. We barely take time for spontaneous outside activities, coincidental meetings or to enjoy nature. In the Netherlands, we spend relatively little time outside, contrary to our southern European neighbours. This might be because of a lack of inspiring, cosy spots in the public space, but of course, also because of the Dutch weather. In the sun or under a heat lamp on a terrace, we tend to stay outside longer.

Within the Kazerne Lab Project Living Cities, the originally Polish designer Izabela Boloz researched how to stimulate a more social and interactive city life in the Dutch environment. From the first moment, solar energt was to play a part: sun that is literally converted into heat or cold. For this cross-over project, Izabela worked together with Gerard de Leede: an innovator for sustainable solar energy and CTO of Heijmans, a technology partner in the construction industry.

Firstly, Izabela designed a series of benches with zones that can sense heat or cold, so that people can enjoy the public space under any weather circumstances. She created a series of wooden objects that not only form a monumental asset in the public space, but also contribute to social interaction: several people can sit on the object. Close together, but with enough space for one's own comfort. Because each piece generates more energy than it needs for these hot/cold zones, lighting was also added to the furniture. More information soon.

Kazerne Social Design Lab

Thanks to Stichting DOEN, artists, designers and other creatives collaborate in cross-over projects to work on new insights for societal questions. With their fresh look and rethinking, they provide actual social, cultural and economical issues with inspiration, new perspectives and answers. This may sound rather high-blown, but it is in fact an extrememly practical process.


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