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2500 mē of creativity,
good food and drinks

In October 2014, just before Dutch Design Week, an international podium for the creative industries opened its doors in the heart of the design city of Eindhoven. Here, the world of art, design, knowledge and technique comes together with good food and drinks in a former military police barracks and the adjoining warehouse. A place where anybody passing, as well as those visiting more intentionally, are able to enjoy state-of-the-art presentations and exhibitions. Here, creatives from around the world will be able to meet each other and their clients all year round. Here, new concepts are developed in crossover labs. Presentation (Expo). Creation (Lab). Coming together (Meet). That is Kazerne.

Kazerne Expo

Exhibiting current work from trendsetting creatives; international, with a focus on new generations of top talent and work developed in the Kazerne Lab;

Kazerne attracts talent from throughout the creative industries: from designers and artists to theatre makers, choreographers, musicians, chefs, architects and writers. The emphasis will be on design. Kazerne Expo presents the talents of students and starters as well as more established creatives from both the Netherlands and abroad in three major exhibitions per year. There are also regular additional exhibits connected to events taking place in the city and region.

Kazerne Lab

Stimulating collaborative crossover projects between the creative industries and other economic, cultural and social sectors;

In the Kazerne Labs, artists, designers and other creatives are hatching new insights and answering some of the questions posed by society today in their collaborative crossover projects. Kazerne brings professionals from the creative industries into contact with businesses, education, the government and social institutions. In these new combinations and collaborative partnerships, new products, services, solutions and strategies are developed.

Kazerne Meet

Bringing divergent milieus and networks together; creative professionals and those from other economic, cultural and social sectors, as well as the general public;

Kazerne promises to become a valuable artistic meeting place, a place to which the cream of the creative and business worlds will be happy to come thanks to its location, cosmopolitan atmosphere, exciting exhibition space and regular events. But above all to meet each other – whether by accident or design. The wider public will also be drawn, time and again, into the varied world of  the creative industries.

International platform for the creative industries
in the Design city of Eindhoven

House and Home

Kazerne is situated in a listed former military police barracks and industrial warehouse in the centre of the design city of Eindhoven. From 2014, about 2500 m² of heritage property will be transformed into a unique combination of exhibition space, meeting place and restaurant. The nature of the venue and its varied programme of events will ensure constant activity and public presence.

Kazerne has plans to grow into a definitive podium and a home for the international creative industries. It will be a home for Dutch design, but also for international designers; this is where you will meet the world. In Kazerne you will be able to present your latest work to professionals – including those from other economic sectors – and to the public, meet colleagues from all over the world over a meal in the Kazerne Restaurant, or just drop in with the expectation of meeting new clients. You could stay in one of the guesthouses or become a member of the Kazerne Society.

At the same time you will be drawn to the Kazerne as part of the audience: in Kazerne there will always be something new to see and experience; in Kazerne you will always find something good to eat and drink; here you will always be able to buy what you see and what you use – from the cutlery to the coat hangers. For the public – standing, sitting, eating and drinking on, with and between the designs – Kazerne will be a new way of experiencing art, design and technology. Bringing art and design so close that you can feel them – far closer than in traditional museums, galleries and design exhibitions.

Impression 10-day pop-up preview Eat Drink Design @ Dutch Design Week.
Images Lisa Klappe

Memorable experience

For the most part, Kazerne will initially consist of exhibition spaces. In these exhibition spaces it is planned to incorporate, in phases, two restaurants, three meeting rooms (one of which can also serve as a theatre or symposium space) seven guesthouses and a society for creatives. There will also be a Kazerne Shop, where the products of the creative industries will be on sale direct to the public: design, art, books etc. the atmosphere will be cosmopolitan, informal, artistic and chic – the place to be for top talent and creative and business networking. Different worlds will meet in Kazerne: artists and nerds, employees and entrepreneurs, for business and pleasure, travellers and the global workforce.

Thanks to the attractive restaurant facilities on offer, visitors are likely to spend more time in the presence of the work of contemporary designers (exhibitions) and to use these objects (the latest cutlery design, for example) as well. So the restaurant provides an extra layer to the experience, making Kazerne a more than special piece of architectural heritage where the power of the creative industries combines with eating, drinking, sleeping, work and relaxation to provide a memorable experience. This is how many of our guests have felt during the previews.

Kazerne Previews:
Eat Drink Design @ Dutch Design Week

Since October 2006, Annemoon Geurts and Koen Rijnbeek, the driving force behind the renovation, together with their friend and top chef Edwin Severijn, have organised Eat Drink Design – a pop-up gallery restaurant – as a satellite venue during international cultural events such as Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. See also www.eatdrinkdesign.nl.

At a borrowed location, they create an exclusive temporary restaurant, style it with the work of talented designers, bring together an exhibition and devise collaborative projects involving the creative industries and other economic sectors. The vibe has invariably been  combination  high-end and guerrilla. Enjoyed by public and press alike, sitting on and between and eating off beautiful work. Merging haute cuisine, contemporary design and the applied arts into a total experience.

Eat Drink Design @ Kazerne was a ten day preview during Dutch Design Week 2013. More than 25,000 people visited the exhibition; local residents and the general public rubbing shoulders with illustrious guests from politics and the world of business as well as from the creative fields. Many enjoyed an espresso or lunch, and the lucky few were able to attend one of the exclusive dinners. New projects and collaborations were born at the long table. And the verdict? Kazerne must open as soon as possible!

D-tile kitchen during 10-day pop-up preview Eat Drink Design @ Dutch Design Week 2010. Image Ruud Balk.