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Kazerne has many enthusiastic supporters and employees. We are working together for the building and to make possible the cultural-social program that it represents.

Do you already support the efforts to save the heritage of Klein Paradijs and/or the cultural/social program? Please support the foundations behind Kazerne! This will soon be possible via this website. If you would like to make yourself known to us now, please contact Annemoon Geurts at +3140 23 66 196, or e-mail, with your details and we will contact you.

Value Exchange

In return for your loan, gift and/or participation you will be entitled to certain financial advantages and special privileges; membership of the club of those who have made Kazerne possible is of course the first of these.

In addition, think in terms of:
  • social return;
  • business opportunities;
  • creative projects;
  • exclusive evenings for you and your associates;
  • price reductions on art and design;
  • priority for reservations, special guests, projects and pop-ups;
  • and many more.

Our financial and fiscal experts have devised a number of attractive packages for both loans and gifts (whether one-off or periodic) from individuals and businesses. We would be delighted to discuss these opportunities for individual collaboration with you at your convenience.

Fiscal Benefits

The foundations behind the Kazerne concept have ANBI-status. The Foundation for the Preservation of Klein Paradijs also has ANBI-C status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling – Cultuur: Institution of General Benefit to the Cultural sector). This means that gifts or loans are tax-deductible. Up to 125% if you give regularly. Discuss this with your tax adviser to identify the most lucrative solution. See also

Return and repayment

It is possible to arrange a loan of amounts in excess of 5,000 euro to the Foundation. In addition to the privileges listed above, lenders will receive a social return of between 1 and 2% per year. Subordinated loans are set out in a contract, are tradeable, and will, in principle, be repaid by the drawing of lots in approximately ten years.

Want to be a part of Kazerne?

Are you a patron – great or small– with an interest in the preservation of cultural heritage and/or the intrinsic programme which Kazerne will make possible? Let us know! Contact Annemoon Geurts on +3140 23 66 196 or e-mail, and we will contact you.